About Catherine

Catherine Hampson, Master Florist, started Inspired Floristry to share her creative skills, expertise and passion for flowers. To inspire everyone to discover, develop and nurture their creativity and vision through flowers.

My Story


How did my flower journey begin; well, I started as a Saturday girl to earn extra money, at my local florist shop and just loved it.

Working with beautiful materials, being creative with forms, colour and textures of the flowers, foliage and natural materials.

I have always been creative, I like to draw and paint and this helped me to see and make different designs, using colour harmonies, different techniques and design styles..

After completing my floristry qualifications and competing in floristry competitions. I still wanted more of a challenge, alongside my floristry job, I trained as a floristry teacher and ultimately moved to teaching full-time at a college in Nottingham.

I love flowers and floristry, creating beautiful designs, teaching and sharing learning experiences, this is what I feel I was destined to do

I continued to be fascinated by art, sculptures, paintings, installations and how art and floristry complement each other.  I decided on my next challenge, I went back to studying, undertaking an A Level in Art & Design and Level 5 Master Diploma in Floristry. I discovered lots of art techniques, construction methods and artistic styles, to compliment my floristry skills.

With all my knowledge and creativity, I wanted to share it – to show people how flowers, nature and art could be used to create unique styles.

I had a dream to have a Floristry School – a place to share, establish and develop my craft and Inspired Floristry business was started.

I'm PASSIONATE about inspiring you to connect with flowers, nature and styling. It's about what you see, where to place things, why it looks right,  when to stop,  and how it makes you feel. 

Let’s create something wonderful.
— Catherine